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Free Solar Quote
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Once you GO SOLAR you'll start
saving money right away and see your
your meter spin backwords!
California Solar Engineering offers a balanced and comprehensive approach to every solar system we design and install.

Based on the information you provide us, we will design a system that meets your needs, your budget, and is attractively integrated into your environment--be it your home, business, vacation ranch, or a ground mount.

We look forward to providing you with a detailed system specification including energy production, electricity bill savings, rebate and tax benefits, payback period, and pricing.

Looking forward to help you Go Solar!
-Your California Solar Engineering Team

Your Custom PV System:
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13 Steps To Your Custom Designed Solar Array!
Step 1: * I Would Like to Go Solar:
Step 2: * My daily electrical usage is kWh.
Step 3: My utility company is:
LADWP   Edison
Step 4:
Step 5: I Expect a percent change in my future electrical usage.
Step 6: * I would like to eliminate my electric bill
I would like to reduce it by %
Step 7: I don't really care how visible my PV system is
I would like to integrate my PV system as unobtrusively as possible
My property is part of a Home Owners' Association
My property is subject to CC&Rs
Step 8: * My roof faces
E or W ESE or WSW
Step 9: My roof has a slope of
Step 10: My roof has sq. ft. of unobstructed space.
Step 11: My roof is made of:
Step 12: My roof is years old.
  My roof does not leak
My roof leaks, location:
Step 13: * My roof is stories tall.
I would like to look into financing for my solar array

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We look forward to working with you!

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